Child Support in the State of Florida is a statutory amount. In other words, Florida has a statute that establishes how a guideline amount of child support is figured.

In most cases, child support  is based upon both parties' income, any day care.costs, health insurance costs for each parent and the amount of a child(ren)'s health insurance premiums, along with the number of overnights each parent is awarded. A Court cannot vary child support more than 5% up or down from the guideline amount without making a specific finding as to why there was a variance.

Many parents believe that child support is not necessary if parents are equally dividing their time with each parent. If the child support amount is minimal and the parents have 50/50 time-sharing, it is possible the Court would waive child support. However, if the guideline amount is not minimal, one parent may still be required to pay child support.

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