Divorce is the process of dissolving a marriage. Florida is a no fault State. Therefore, the only requirement as to the reason for seeking a divorce is that your marriage is irretrievably broken. Affairs and dissipation of marital funds could be used as a factor in determining the equitable distribution of marital property and for alim ony. However, an affair is not a basis for a divorce.

For a Court in Florida to obtain jurisdiction over a divorce merely requires that one party has lived in the State of Florida for a period of six months prior to the time of filing for a divorce. The State of Florida must be a permanent residence. However, a mere absence from the State of Florida during the six month period will not affect jurisdiction. An easy way to prove residency is a driver's license or a voter's registration card.

Marital Counseling

Reconciliation and the preservation of your marriage are in the best interest of both the family and society, when it can be achieved. This should be given the most careful consideration by you at all stages of  the proceedings.  When a husband and wife cannot resolve conflicts that develop in their marriage, seeking professional help is a sign of wisdom, strength and maturity. Difficult problems arise quite naturally when two people who have grown up living apart, get marriage and start living together. For two such individuals to adjust to the demands of a marriage relationship is never easy and complicated.

Trained marriage counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists and conciliators are available to assist couples or individuals who want help with marriage and other family problems. Assistance is available to save your marriage, if you so desire. However, if you desire to engage help, this type of service should be sought in the early stages of the proceedings, before animosity and emotion have the opportunity of defeating what could be constructive and favorable to both parties.

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